Jose Segura Elizondo

Head Barista

Jose Segura Elizondo, 24. Born in the beautiful Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. At University, Jose studied environmentalism to see what he himself could do to better our earth and provide a better future for the next generation. Upon completing school, he moved to the more urban city of Heredia in search of work, still not knowing anything about coffee.

After about six months of living there, he began working at Kawah Cafe, a small Coffee Shop.After about 3 months of being immersed in the coffee world, he was finally able to do a basic barista course in the Costa Rican coffee academy taught by Ricardo Azofeifa and realized how little he knew about the coffee world and how much there was to coffee. With so many possibilities, he immediately fell in love with coffee culture and everything it had to provide.

Since then he has been consuming any book, magazine, article he can find about coffee, practicing his brewing techniques and mastering the craft. For him, coffee is about sharing, having a good time with friends and family, and always getting closer to perfecting his craft and sharing that knowledge with anyone who desires to learn.